OCi Accounting Solution
- eCloud Hosted

"Giving you more freedom and security to focus on your business."

Hosted Accounting Solution

This is not another cloud hosting software, it's eCloud – Enhance Cloud.
Unlike other cloud based solutions using browser, this state-of-the-art solution brilliantly enhances the Cloud interface making it more secured and feature-rich!

Simply extra user-friendly & secured.


DrawingSuperior User Interface

Unlike other system that uses vulnerable web-browsers, our eCloud capitalise on the feature -rich window forms to boost usage experience & productivity.
- You can simply do more with less Work!

DrawingUpgraded Database Server

While most competitors use conventional & outdated hosting method, we use secured multi-databases & fortressed multi-locations to ensure clients peace of mind.
- You simply enjoy seamless secured data access.

DrawingPremium Connection Service

Not just another 24/7 up time service, we brilliantly deploy a sophisticated system to ensure it is always up & available. To achieve this, real humans are manning and policing the system round the clock just for you.
Did we say…we backup your data daily?


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