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DrawingSpeedy Invoicing
Integrated Quotations, Delivery Orders, Proforma Invoices just make billing a breeze.

DrawingHappy Receipts
Outstanding Invoices, Debit or Credit Notes are inter-referenced to make collections accurate.

DrawingEasy Debtors Managing
Individual Statement of Accounts & Aging Analysis are readily for you.

Multi-Currencies Capabilities
Unlimited foreign currencies with respective exchange tables reconcile your book-keeping.

DrawingControlled Payment Vouchers
Linked-up Purchase Orders & Suppliers’ Bills avoid expensive duplicate payment mistakes.

DrawingConvenient Document Attach
Attach PDF, Images, Excel Spreadsheets or others make backward tracing in just clicks.

DrawingSeamless Purchase Orders
Inter-connecting with Quotations, Sales Invoices or even Proforma Invoices make ordering from suppliers easy.

DrawingStress-Free Stock Tracking
Batches of inventories in different warehouses & grouping can easily be tracked & cost accordingly.

DrawingCheque Writing
You don’t have to hand-write cheques anymore, just insert them into your printer.


Payment Voucher saves your time

Pay your suppliers speedily with the vouchers and update your accounts simultaneously.

Cheque Cutting

Auto translation on numbers into words is just the next click after Payment Voucher.



It's never easier to issue an official receipt to your customer and account for the funds at the same time.

Easy Envelope Address Label Printing

Sending out those cheques to your suppliers will be just a click to have their address printed on the envelopes.


Save the hassle with Bank Reconciliation

Monthly tallying with Bank Statement only take minutes with this Reconciliation module.

A Convenient Account Report

Planning your cash flow will be easy and quick with instant access to Bank and Accounts reports.

Why OCi System?

Drawing (1)For Singapore by Singapore
We Singaporeans know our culture & workflow better. Our system is designed and developed locally. Most importantly we are probably the fastest in the market to react to any statutory accounting changes.
Did we say…our Support Centre is also based in Singapore? 
(You don’t have to suffer routed poor phone connections & language accent barrier.)

We ensure you're ready
Setting up an accounting system is tedious & mind blogging. We take care of it for you. We have dedicated System Specialists to optimise your system settings & on top of that, we have Accounting Specialists or CPA to plan and setup your Chart of Accounts.
Did we say…our Specialists personalise the service by visiting your office?

DrawingPre-Sales Consulting
To understand your needs and company better, we have groups of experienced & well-trained consultants to understand & evaluate your real needs before you make that decision.
Did we say… we refuse to sell you our system if we find that you’re not suitable?

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