1We are very honoured to receive these recognition and appreciation from our clientele  as it acknowledged the work that we have done in building a culture of service excellence.




"Simple & straightforward to use. Stores memory of Payee's names"
XXX XXXXXxxx AG, S'pore Br - Ms Sherene
Rated us: Very Good

"It is easy to use and can print out cheque faster without the need to change the figures and words as system automatically translate for us."
Xxx-xxxx Precision Engineering - Ms Joey
Rated us: Very Good

"With just a click, I can get what my boss wants."
XXX Pte Ltd - Mrs Jasmine Low

"Clean and Clear, most important, no need to worry about words and figure different"
X X Xxxxx flower Pte Ltd - Ms Toh
Rated us: Excellent

"Saves the trouble of writing cheques and have a good control of cheques issued out"
XXX Engineering Pte Ltd - Ms Lilian Lim
Rated us: Very Good

"I only need to issue cheques & invoices to get my accounts done!"
XXX Xxxx Xxx Construction Pte Ltd - Mdm Yeow

"Enables me to process cheques faster and more accurately."
Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Services Pte Ltd - Ms Catherine
Rated us: Excellent

"Save a lot of my time to prepare cheques & Payment Vouchers, make my works more productive and fast."
Xxxx Xxxxxx Chartering Pte Ltd - Ms Alice Loo
Rated us: Excellent

"Very user-friendly system, competitive price, worth the investment. No complaints."
Xxxx Xxx Xxxx Xxxxx Society - Mr Yip
Rated us: Excellent