OCi System Support Policy

End User Licence Agreement

As part of the effort to continually improve OCi Software System, updates and fixes are created and released for recognized issues.

However, in view of limited resources, it is of no alternative, that we have to discontinue technical support for older software versions.

Please be informed that we are no longer providing any technical support or telephone help for the following products:

Software Applications

 Available Date

Support End Date 

OCi ChequeWriter Version 6 & earlier (EOL*) Jan 2005 Dec 2007
OCi ChequeWriter Version 7 (EOL*) Jan 2007  Dec 2009
OCi ChequeWriter Version 8 (EOL*) Jan 2009 Jun 2013
OCi ChequeWriter Version 9 (EOL*) Jan 2013 Jun 2022
OCi Accounting System Version 8 & earlier (EOL*)  Jan 2007 Dec 2009
OCi Accounting System Version 9 (EOL*) Jan 2009 Dec 2011
OCi Accounting System Version 10 (EOL*) Jan 2010 Jun 2020
OCi Sales & Accounting Management System (SAM) Version 11 Jun 2019 Ongoing**

**OCI Cloud Hosting Services Terms & Conditions:

*What is End of Life (EOL)?
EOL stands for End of Life for the particular software version. This means that all product development has ceased and supporting infrastructure will be repurposed.

  • No further development/bug fixes/patches.
    This means that no further rectification or coding work will be done for any reported bugs or issues.
  • No further changes to licences.
    We will have no resources to handle any administrative changes relating to software licences.
  • No further change of PC.
    Any switching of PC or Database location, etc cannot be addressed.
  • No technical/user support.
    There will be no personal allocated to attend or address any form of support.

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