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The nationwide e-invoicing initiative has seen good traction with more than 50,000 businesses connected on the InvoiceNow network. To accelerate adoption so that businesses on the network can get more benefits, IMDA has introduced the following incentives:

InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus (ITB)
Receive $200 when you send 10 e-invoices within a year.
(A $200 bonus for all businesses on the network for sending 10 e-invoices on InvoiceNow.)

Eligibility Criteria
- Businesses who send a total of 10 e-invoices on the network within 12 months from the 1st e-invoice will receive a bonus payout of $200.
- Send 1st e-invoice: receive $50;
- Send remaining 9 e-invoices: receive another $150;

1. Complete a one-time registration at this form to receive payout status and other InvoiceNow related matters from IMDA:
2. Find your business customers on the SG Peppol Directory and retrieve their Peppol ID information  
3. Send an e-invoice directly from your solution to your business customer on the network.
4. Receive your bonus via PayNow Corporate, no claim is required.

If you are not on InvoiceNow today, click here to join the network.

Watch this video to learn more about the business benefits, how InvoiceNow works in our accounting system.

FAQ & Terms & Conditions

LEAD Transact Grant
Up to $40k grant applicable to large enterprises who meet the minimum number of transacting business partners on the InvoiceNow network.

Eligibility Criteria

-Applicable to enterprises who are able to meet the minimum transaction tier, (i.e. transacting with 25 UENs as buyer and/or 250 UENs as biller).

-Enterprise can receive incentives as both Buyer and Biller.

-Funding period is 12 months starting from the first claim submission by the enterprise. The starting dates for the enterprise as Buyer and Biller can be different.

-Billers receiving LEAD Transact Grant will not be eligible for InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus.

1. Register interest at this form to receive help from IMDA on planning and meeting eligibility criteria:
2. Submit claim form showing list of transacting counter parties here:
3. Grant will be disbursed directly to the enterprise through PayNow Corporate.

FAQ & Terms & Conditions

Email to or contact us at 6295 5177 / 8126 2683 to speak to our consultants. We will be happy to share how our system can assist you to save time and hassle sending invoice.

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