#SFFS – SeamlessFilingFromSoftware Fair Overview

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) recently organized a one-of-a-kind event called the SeamlessFilingFromSoftware Fair #SFFS on 21st Feb 2023. The objective of the event was to encourage the adoption of seamless filing-enabled software that allows the filing of tax returns or submission of employees’ remuneration information directly to IRAS. The event was a platform for the vendors of the local payroll and accounting software industry to exhibit their solutions and showcase their products to the attendees. It is reported that this event attracted some 540 SMEs and Tax Agencies sign-ups.

IRAS has been actively pushing for the digitization of tax submission to minimize SME compliance headaches. The focus of the event was on the vendors, and it was a recognition of their efforts in supporting the national digitisation effort. IRAS exclusively invited local payroll and accounting software vendors to the event as exhibitors, which is a testament to their support for local businesses. IRAS is committed to making it easier and more accurate to fulfill tax obligations, reducing compliance costs, and facilitating digital record-keeping.

The attendees of the event were eager to get a solution for GST submission and integration with their existing solutions. They also enquired about for Form CS, which is used to report the income of a company. Many attendees were interested in a payroll solution, while others were there to learn about how they could improve and digitize their workflow. Majority of the attendees were keen on learning more about #SFFS GST return and Form CS.

It is such an honour for OCi System Pte Ltd to be among the few selected vendors to exhibit our solutions at the event. Overall, the event was a success, and it was a great platform for local vendors to showcase their solutions to businesses and potential clients. Importantly, IRAS achieved their goal to facilitate SMEs accurate, timely, and easy tax filing, and events.